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bikes1Bikes, bikes, bikes! Bikes are the very funnest part of a bike shop. They are exciting, shiny and full of awesomeness. So,when you roll into our shop for the first time, you might be curious that we don’t stock new bikes in shop. (And yes, we specialize in Mountain Bikes!)

img_4578.jpgWell, first, we are a small shop with a strong focus on Service and Repair. What we have found, since opening nearly 3 years ago, is that we excel at service, repair, and helping people build the bike of their dreams. And if a dream bike isn’t in the cards just yet, we can help you rejuvenate your current ride with just a few tweaks or upgrades. This is what we DO!

Secondly, there are A LOT of very cool bikes out there. We have found it impractical to stock the variety of bikes, and impossible to guess our customers’ preferences from year to year. Makes sense, right?

So, then, how do you buy a bike from us? We special order each bike tailored to the customer. (Don’t worry! Tailored and Custom doesn’t have to mean freakishly high prices!) This may mean tweaking a build on a manufacturer spec’d bike, or building a dream bike from scratch. We often work with custom colors in housing, stem, handlebars, chainrings, and build custom wheels to match. Building up a bike unique to one rider’s vision – this is what we LOVE!

But, if we don’t have bikes in stock, how do you find the right bike for you? Very astute question! There are a couple of ways.

  1. The Special Request – Frequently, we have customers, having intensely researched bikes and parts who come to us for the final purchase. Of course we are happy to oblige, but we consult with each person to make sure they thoroughly understand the bike, parts and components that are purchasing. If we can offer help feedback for consideration, we always do!
  2. Demos – When you are in the market for a bike, we always encourage taking part in Shop or Manufacturer Demos. At these events, you have the opportunity to ride a variety of bikes on the trail, where you can get a better feeling of handling, balance, responsiveness, etc. Every bike rides differently for each individual. You may hate a bike that your friend absolutely loves. Irwin Cycles sponsors demos throughout the year and a big Demo Fest in December.
  3.  “Just trust us” they said. – A.K.A. The Arranged Bike Marriage. When you are ready for a new bike, come talk to us. One of the qualities that sets us apart from other bike shops is that we work closely with our customers to pair them with the right bike. Tell us what you like about your bike now, how you see yourself riding in the future, what you wish you could do on your bike. We explore all these questions and more to offer suggestions for which bikes should be on your short list. THEN, if you’re daring enough, and you trust our knowledge and experience enough, you can plunk down your piggy bank and let us choose your bike for you! Yes, it’s both as scary and thrilling proposition based on faith that we know our shizzle, and we know the industry so well that we can pick the right bike for you. Crazy! But, a las, it has been done. Check out some folks who have had Arranged Bike Marriages through us here.

For us, we aren’t just selling you a bike, we are welcoming you into our bike family!

Ibis  Revel Salsa  Chromag Devinci Jamis Marin Transition Haro  Surly  KHS

We are so fortunate to be able to offer some of the best riding bikes in the industry. No, seriously! Look online, look anywhere. You’ll see that our brands are among the top bikes out there.

Want to see what we recommend? We’ve put together a general guideline of bikes that we recommend in various categories. Check it out and let us know what questions you have. Head over HERE to have a look.

*We may also be able to build up bikes from other smaller, manufacturers upon request. Call to inquire.

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