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How do you learn to ride better?


When I first decided to try mountain biking, I had to rely heavily on the advise of my friends for advice on everything from what bike to buy to where to start riding. And really, as much as I love my good buddies, there wasn’t much advice except for “rubber side down.” I think we’ve all been there. Later as I started to progress, I might pick up a little more information here and here, but nothing that I would consider definitive on the subject. Someone might say to keep your weight back (behind your seat) when you descend a hill, but no one could explain why that should be effective – not to any great detail.

As I started riding more regularly, I found that I had good days and bad days. I would always try hard stuff but I would never know if I would get it one day from the next. So, as the years passed, I started to develop a little anxiety about riding, especially riding anything very t challenging. It’s not that I could not muster the courage to try, but rather that I did not know what to try (technique-wise) and what advice to listen to. So, what do you do when you need to learn something? Find a good teacher!

I’m a big fan of education. No matter how much money we spend on our fanciest bikes, nothing will beat an equal, or fraction of the amount spent in educating yourself about how to ride. A good instructor dispels myths and reinforces good practices and skills. Most recently, I took a super awesome one day ladies course offered by Shine Riders Co and Lindsay Beth Currier. It really helped to build on many skills that I had learned last year, when I enrolled in Gene Hamilton’s 3 day Better Ride clinic. That program has been so pivotal in helping me develop confidence in my riding and in my riding choices. Gene covered everything from body position to cornering to wheelies and drops. I can’t profess to be perfect yet at any of the skills, but I can do them and what I really gained was knowledge. With that knowledge, I can practice skills, analyze my riding challenges and develop a plan to improve. I would take the clinic again in a heartbeat, but alas, it’s Carl’s turn.  ;-)

We are super excited to be hosting the Better Ride clinic coming to Las Vegas February 20-22. If you are ready to see a marked improvement in your riding, this clinic will do it. It doesn’t matter if you have just started riding, or if you’ve been riding for years. Having a coach observe and give detailed assessments and tips for you specifically will take your riding to new heights. I can vouch for this!

There are just 4 spots left in the Las Vegas Clinic for February – for details, go HERE. Please feel free to contact us for details, questions, about our experiences. We are happy to share!



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