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Stretch Therapy


I’ve been meaning to share this great therapy with you guys.

We recently (end of December) got a session of Facial Stretch Therapy. Although stretch therapy doesn’t seem to be directly about biking, it’s certainly indirectly related. We all probably have a sense that stretching out tight muscles seems good for us. No one really denies this.

Having been a massage therapist, I can tell you that when muscles are chronically tight, they are much less efficient. Finding a routine (as in performed regularly) to keep muscles loosened up will keep muscles functions healthy and strong. For many of us, however, we put off stretching a day at a time and pretty soon find ourselves tight and tense. Massage is great for loosing muscles, so are yoga, Pilates, etc.. Here is another great one for you to consider: Stretch Therapy.

Our therapist, Emma, brought over a fairly standard massage table armed with firm bands to help stabilize the body while she facilitates both passive and active stretches. We each tried a 90 minute session and this technique was able to address some tight areas on both of us that we were previously unable to reach on our own  through massage or exercise.

Now, nearly a month later, we are still feeling the good effects. If you want to give Stretch Therapy a try, contact Emma by email: epfitness7@gmail.com.

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