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Welcome to your Bicycle Service and Repair Headquarters! With nearly 30 years of combined experience in the bike shop and bicycle repair industries, there is little we haven’t seen when it comes to bikes.

What does this mean to you? It means that you can bet that we have the experience and know-how to get, and keep, you rolling. You can depend on us to always give you the best information and feedback that our experience can deliver. We want to keep you safe; and keep riding fun.

Our philosophy:

  1. Safety is number 1!
  2. If we can fix it, we will.
  3. If you get better value by replacing a part, or a bike, we’ll tell you.
  4. We will always offer you competitive pricing.
  5. Bikes are fun, let’s keep everyone having FUN!

We know that bike repair can be a little mysterious at times. Many of us start off as young riders, happily riding our bikes around without a care. Not as many of us got instruction on what keeps bikes rolling smoothly. Here’s the quick and dirty low down.

  • All bikes need a tune-up at some time.
  • How often, and how much work you need depends on many factors (i.e. how much or how hard bike is ridden, the conditions it’s ridden in, length of time since last tune up, etc.)
  • Parts wear out.
  • Sometimes parts break.
  • A little home maintenance and cleaning can help parts last longer.
  • Eventually, parts still wear out, and sometimes break.

Bike RepairStaying on top of maintenance reduces long term costs of maintaining a bike and your ride stays smooth and reliable. Just like a car, your bike requires general maintenance from time to time. Consider these general timetables:

    • Lube chain – every 3-4 rides (You can do this at home! Ask us for the best techniques. This will extend the life of your chain and keep the chain squeaks at by.)
    • Rinse and clean bike – every 2-3 rides. A clean bike is a happy bike! And, this will keep the squeaks down and give you a chance to examine the frame and parts.
    • Check Wheels – Check your wheels for any new wobbles when you wash your bike. Sometimes spokes break, or nipples loosen up, causing the wheels to come out of true (how straight it is). Make sure to gauge this from the rim and not the tire. (Because tires are rubber, they will naturally have a small bobble from time to time.)
    • Check for Chain Wear – every 500 miles. (Knowing when to change out a chain will extend the life of your drivetrain. Ask us for a demo!)
    • Tires and Brake Pads – Inspect your tires and brake pads (and rotors) every few rides to check on wear. (Sometimes squishy brakes means you need new brake pads.)
    • Tune-ups – Best in 6 mos. to 1 year intervals based on use.
    • Fork and shock service are recommended every 1 year at a minimum for recreational riders. For more avid riders putting away lots of miles, or aimed down hill more often, you may need more frequent service. Keep your stanchions clean and stick with the rule of thumb of getting suspension service every 500-1000 miles of riding. Stay on top of this! (Suspension maintenance is loads cheaper than buying a new fork, or new stanchions.)
    • Dropper seatpost maintenance – every 1-2 years.

Got questions? Ask us!


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