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The Internet Won’t Fix Your Bike


Recently, this picture and post have been circulating on social media and reshared numerous time. As bike shop owners, this touches chord in us. On the one hand, we completely understand the need to “get the best deal” on products. After all, we are consumers ourselves. Who hasn’t opted for a considerably discounted Amazon purchase over going to their local office supply store, book store, electronic store, or similar? Most of us have. So, in no way is this reshare from us meant to chastise folks for looking for the best value. It’s in our nature to do it.

On the other hand, we have a bike shop to, not just keep afloat, but make a success! We have rent to pay and inventory to stock, parts to buy. So, where is the happy medium? We’d love to hear your comments.

What is the role of a bike shop? Is it fair to consult your local bike shop (LBS) for information and then make your purchase online? What is the value of paying a bit more for the service you get? Or, are online businesses offering enough of a service that you don’t feel the need to consult your shop? Would a Service Only shop be more progressive? (i.e. you buy online and a local shop installs your parts, etc.). When you consider an online purchase, do you also figure the labor costs as part of the equation? Are there other thoughts? Please let us know. We’d love to explore this issue and have a dialogue with you, our customers, so that we can better meet the needs of contemporary cyclists.



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