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Suspension Maintenance

Shame on you if your fork looks like this! Please get it serviced.

Is your fork or shock covered in oil? …It needs service!

Will your fork or shock not hold air? …It needs service!

No matter how much air you put in your shock, does it still feels like a pogo stick? …It needs service!

Your lockout won’t lock out? …It needs service!

You say you have none of these problems, but have NEVER had your fork serviced? …It still needs service!

Did you know that keeping your shocks and forks serviced regularly will save you money in the long run? (It’s the same idea as changing the oil in your car. We hope you do that regularly, too!)

The oil in your suspension does wear out. (It gets thin, gets dirty and breaks down.) This can cause the bushing to wear out, or ruin the coating on your fork’s stantions (the shiny metal part at the top).

Good seal. Wipe ‘er down before putting your bike away.

We do nearly all services in house. (Some stuff we can’t fix). Why would you want your shock or fork sent away for 2-3 weeks when we can usually turn around in 48-72 hours. (Some same day service may also be available.)

We service most  brands of forks and shocks.

No need to send your fork or shock back to the manufacturer for these services. Save time and money. Have it done locally so you can get back on your bike sooner!

Suspension shouldn’t be a mystery…or ignored. Contact us if you have questions!



New wiper seals installed!


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