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The number one thing you can do to improve the performance of your bike is a new set of wheels. (It doesn’t have to cost a fortune.) Do you have that sweet bike you’ve been building up just the way you want it? Why have the same wheels as your buddy? Most wheels that come stock on bikes are built as quickly and cheaply as possible (by a machine) and come out heavy and clunky. We build every wheel by hand, customized to you, with love. <3

Are you a wheel breaker? (You know who you are!) …There are several options in spokes and rims to help out with that problem.

Tired of flats? …Did you know going Tubeless can help prevent most flats? (Thorns or pinch flats. Great for both Road and Mountain wheels!)

You want to ride Bootleg from the top? …You need a sturdy wide rim to get you back to the shuttle.

You want to rip the si10152435_649181681821634_5865216954198613004_nngletrack at Cottonwood? …You’d be best set on a medium duty rim.

You want light and fast on race day? …Let’s talk about that!

Need a set of wheels for your road bike or tandem? …Of course we can!

You want custom colors? (Hubs, rims, spokes, or nipples?) …We can do that.

You want hand-built on a budget? …We can help.

You’ve got an AMEX Black card? …We’ve got you covered too.

Are you getting the picture here?  Having a set of custom wheels means they are built to do what you want them for, and we can help set you up professionally (We have this piece of paper that says we’re good for it!) for all of it!

Contact us with your questions and ideas.


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