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We are so fortunate to be able to offer some of the best riding bikes in the industry. No, seriously! Look online, look anywhere. You’ll see that our brands are among the top bikes out there.

Here are our picks from each of the manufacturers for the following categories of Mountain Bikes:

Mid Travel Trail Bike

For folks who love enjoying the trails by bike. You like be efficient on the uphills and stable on the down. Mid travel trail bikes typical have a more relaxed riding position for shorter and longer rides. These bikes offer the best stability rolling up and down obstacles and can handle a little air from time to time. Here are a few of our best sellers in this category:

Long Travel Trail Bike

The longer travel trail bike is perfect for the everyday daredevils who like to huck it on the trail. You’re the kind of rider like to roll fast and take all the jumps, but still want the bike to be a descent climber. This style bike will carry through all the 3 to 5 foot drops with ease.

XC (Cross Country)

Strictly Cross Country bikes (XC) has a steeper head tube angle that a mid-travel trail bike. This means that the body position will be a little more “aggressive” feeling. This is a great category for people who want to go faster and lighter, racking up the miles, or racing.


These are the bikes you want for bike parks and shuttling. Super fun for railing down hills and jumps…not so hot with the pedaling and climbing. ;-)

Hardtail / Single Speed

You’ll find geared and single speed hardtail bikes. Some can be convertible between the two. The advantage of hardtail bikes is weight and simplicity, making them the perfect ride for cross country and groomed singletrack. Alloy hardtails are often a more budget friendly bike to get into trail riding with.

Adventure Bikes

A newer category of mountain bike, adventure bikes can really help you explore the outdoors. Often these bikes come with rack mounts ready to install gear bags and panniers. Take them off trail, or down gravel roads – there’s a big range. Ask us for details.

Recreational/Around Town

Many folks just want to have a good time riding around town or commuting. For this, you need something durable and reliable, nothing too fancy. Here are our top picks.