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Boost Your Budget!

Up to 12 months of 0% financing.

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Suspension Setup

Suspension set up can completely change your ride quality. If you've never had your suspension set up for you, bring your bike in and let us set you up for FREE.

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Forks and shocks need service, too! Many people forget that forks and shocks require regular inspection and maintenance, including seal and fluid replacement, to extend the life of their bike and improve bike performance. There is no need to send your fork or shock back to the manufacturer for these services. Save time and money! Have it done locally so you can get back on your bike sooner!

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We Can Fix It!

Making sick bikes better is our business; and you can always rely on us to tell it to you straight. Our goal is to keep you riding, whether it's on the road or on the trails. We sell you the parts and services you need and want - no fluff. Bike repair doesn't have to be such a mystery at your Las Vegas/Summerlin neighborhood bike shop.

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Built Your Way

Whether it's a bike, a set of wheels, or you just want a few upgrades. We build it for you and your style. Stop by the shop and let's talk about the possibilities!

We strive to offer the best service at the friendliest prices. Let us work with you once and you'll see the difference!